Our Publicist Chloe Janda is San Diego Pride’s 2018 ‘Volunteer of the Year’

Our Publicist Chloe Janda is San Diego Pride’s 2018 ‘Volunteer of the Year’

On the weekend of July 13, our very own Chloe Janda volunteered her time to run the San Diego LGBT Pride PR campaign for the second year in a row. San Diego Pride is a nonprofit organization that sponsors a weekend long celebration, fostering pride and respect for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Chloe volunteers her time and PR expertise to this organization and is passionate about social justice. As the PR manager, she helped facilitate dozens of media hits and news coverage for San Diego Pride.

San Diego Pride attracted about 300,000 people this year, increasing the attendance record by 40 percent. The three-day summer party included the San Diego Pride Parade, which is the one of the largest Pride parade in the United States. Other events included a music festival with performances by JoJo an TLC, a 5K run/walk, a rally with inspiration speakers and LGBTQ leaders, and the She Fest, a woman-centered event supporting the contributions of women in the community.

Chloe started volunteering for San Diego Pride in 2015. She minored in ethnic studies at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, which sparked her interest in social justice and equality.

When the PR manager position opened at San Diego Pride, she jumped at the opportunity to pair her passion and profession.

“I feel very lucky and privileged to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and being able to give back through volunteering my public relation skills,” said Chloe. “San Diego Pride is something I look forward to every year because I am always learning and reveling in the strength and pride of the community.”

With the help of Chloe, San Diego Pride was featured in various media outlets including Advocate, NBC Los Angeles, Thrillist, and Billboard. You can find a complete list of media coverage below.